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EMVango uses ETS-Lindgren (Model AMS-8923), which provides an ideal active and passive antenna test environment for wireless equipment.

The model AMS-8923 includes a multi-antenna array which is a ring that houses twenty-three (23) dual-polarized measurement antennas. It supports testing between 700 MHz and 6Ghz. ETS-Lindgren (Model AMS-8923) has the advantages of high repeatability, accuracy, reliability and resolution, which fully meets the requirements of CTIA. The test efficiency is much higher than that of ordinary antenna test system. Our comprehensive antenna tests offer quick-turn, cost-effective antenna patterning and analysis for your business.

Test Coverage:

-CTIA Testing Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance

-3GPP TS 34.114/ETSI OTA antenna performance conformance testing

-CTIA CWG Test Plan for RF Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi Mobile Converged Devices

-Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China YD 1484-2011(Measurement Method for Radiated RF Power and Receiver Performance of Mobile Station)

-Passive antenna test

Support Bands








-2.4GHz WLAN


-Bluetooth (TRP)


Testing capability

1. Active

-TRPTotal Radiated Power

-TIS(Total Isotopic Sensitivity)

-NHPRP(Near Horizon Partial Radiated Power)

-NHPIS(Near Horizon Isotropic Sensitivity)

-EIRP(Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)/ERP(Effective Radiated Power)

-PEIRP(Peak Effective Isotropic Radiated Power)

2. Passive


-Radiation Pattern

-Input Impedance