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With the update of electronics technology and improvement of design complexity, simulation can analyze EMC performance and find out the key factors, then accordingly make modification. It provides a theoretical guidance and direction for engineers and eliminates any potential risks at the early designing stage, so that it greatly shortens design cycle and reduces development costs.

Setting a correct model is an important step in EMC simulation. The matching degree between the selected model and the actual sample will directly determine the accuracy and practicability of the simulation results. For different kind of problems, the model should be carefully and precisely selected. This requires the simulation engineer not only to have a deep theoretical knowledge of electromagnetism, but also to have a wealth of practical experience in the project. A correct selection of model is on a basis of the precise understanding of the simulation software and the proficient use of application.

EMVango has been working on EMC simulation for years, and we can provide following services.

EMC Simulation

IC EMC design and optimization

PCB simulation and optimization

Near-field radiation from modules

System-level of EMC risk evaluation

RFI evaluation by simulation

ESD Simulation

ESD hardware failure evaluation

ESD software failure evaluation

ESD system analysis

Our simulation services are dedicated to help businesses optimize and accelerate the process of product design, reduce costs, eliminate risks and solve various electromagnetic related problems in the design and development stage.